Buying guide

How to Buy Saffron From us step by step

Before you want to buy saffron from us, At first you should know:

which countries we can send saffron?

If you live in these countries, we can send you saffron easily.


which countries we can not send saffron?

The governments of the five countries do not allow us to send saffron.

So if you are from these five countries, we can not send you saffron. See the list below:


How to Order?

1- At first Choose your product and click on “Buy Now” button.

2 – Then type the product price and click on “NEXT” button.

3 – Now, Fill out all fields. This information is very important. Please fill out the form carefully.

Then complete the payment process.

After payment . We will transfers your order to the Shipping system within 24 hours after the order is registered.

The packaging will be delivered to You in about 7 business days.