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Side Effects Of Saffron

Considering saffron comes from a flower doesn’t mean it is 100 per cent safe for pregnant mothers. It has its share of side effects and warnings. Did you know – a saffron dose of 12-20gms can cause death?

Miscarriage and pregnancy

Consumption of high amounts of saffron is dangerous for pregnant women and can lead to abortion by contraction of the uterus.


There is still no detailed information on the effect of saffron on lactating women. Therefore, experts advise women to avoid saffron consumption during lactation.


In some people, saffron can cause allergies with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, anxiety, fatigue and appetite changes.


High doses of saffron can cause poisoning with symptoms such as skin and eye icing, vomiting, dizziness, bloody diarrhea, bleeding of nose, lips and eyelids.

Consumption of 12-20 grams of saffron a day can cause death.

palms sweating

People who have palms sweating need to avoid saffron consumption or minimize it, as saffron consumption increases palms sweating.

Drug interactions

Saffron may interfere with some medications such as warfarin or low blood pressure medications.

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