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There are always alternatives to expensive and valuable products like saffron Which makes consumers mistaken, They pay a lot of money and do not get the pure saffron. So today we want to learn you  “How to Identify Pure Saffron” if you want to Buy Saffron.

If you read this article to the end, you will know How to Spend your money to buy the best quality of saffron.

How to Identify Pure Saffron from Fake Saffron?

1 – Saffron shoots should be like a Trumpet

To identify pure saffron, it’s better to look at the branches at first. This method is the easiest way to identify the real and good saffron. Saffron has three branches, the upper part of which one is like a Trumpet.

2 – Detection of the original saffron from the corn silk

Saffron sprouts are another part that can be used to find out the authenticity of saffron. The sprouts should not be very shiny.

Saffron and corn are similar in one thing and its sprouts. The corn stalks have direct state are straight, But in saffron, these strands are curved. This curvature indicates the quality and originality of saffron.

3 – Detecting fake saffron with paper or newspaper

Put a little saffron between a paper or newspaper and press it. If you saw oil particles on the paper, The saffron is fake. But if the saffron will be powdered and there is no effect on paper, The saffron is pure.

4 – Detection of pure saffron by natural gas

Methane gas is a strong identifier for saffron. Take some saffron on a flame, If the color of the flame will be purple or orange, The saffron is pure. But if the saffron turns to yellow, The saffron is fake.

5 – Detect fine saffron with gasoline petrol

Saffron will not dissolved in petrol. To identify saffron, you have to put some saffron in petrol.

If the color of the petrol changes. The saffron is not pure.

6 – Detect good saffron with boiling water

Put some saffron in boiling water and wait for 5 minutes If the branches did not turn white. The saffron is not pure. But if under 5 minutes the branches become white. The saffron is fake.

7 – Detection good saffron with taste and smell

Those who sale saffron know that very well, the taste and smell of saffron are unique. This means that the color and taste of saffron is considered as a fixed identifier. If you taste a little saffron, you will find that it is a little bit bitter but has a pleasant smell.

There are many methods for identifying saffron that can be used for this purpose through various detectors, solutions and even physical and chemical methods.

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