How to Brew saffron with ice?1 min read


So far, We always imagined saffron should be boiled and hot to make the most of the color. But persian saffron also has another method of brewing,This method is brew saffron with ice.

Instructions for brewing saffron with ice

The early stages are just like brewing saffron with boiling water. At first, You must powder the saffron. Now you need some ice instead of using hot water, Pour small ice into the container that you pour the saffron powder (the container should be glass).

How to Brew saffron with ice
How to Brew saffron with ice

Now let the ice melt at ambient temperature.

It’s interesting to know that the experience of people who used this method to brew saffron prove that the method of brewing saffron with ice is better compared to use boiling water with traditional method.

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