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Saffron starch pudding is one of a variety of tasty desserts that is prepared with a mixture of saffron.At First, In this article we want to tell you the raw materials needed to prepare this delicious taste and then explain the method of preparation.

Ingredients for the preparation of saffron starch pudding

  • Eggs 3 pcs
  • Sugar powder 1 glass
  • Starch 1 glass
  • Milk 6 glasses
  • Brewed saffron 2 teaspoons
  • Cream 100 g
  • Salt 1/2 teaspoonful

Saffron Starch Pudding Cooking Method

Although much raw material has been used in this dessert, But the masterpiece is saffron. Saffron starch pudding has a sweet taste.

At first, You must pour starch in cold milk and start stirring it, As long as the starch is completely soluble in milk. Then add the sugar and salt in the same container and place on the oven until the milk is boiled.

Now you have to remove egg whites from yolks and stir yolks. Then add the little saffron to a mixture of starch and milk and stir again.

Now mix the egg whites and cream together and add to the dish then stir it slowly. When you mix all the ingredients, just choose a container for the dessert.

Apply the oil to the bottom of the container and around it and pour the dessert in it and then put it in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.

Saffron Starch Pudding Dessert is a simple dessert that you can make in the shortest possible time. This dessert is tasty and the saffron in it can be beneficial for the body. If you want to buy saffron, we have a wonderful quality.

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