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In the first eight months of this year, 152 tons and 602 kilograms of saffron worth 240 million dollars were exported from Iran, a 46 percent increase over the same last year period . According to the program, the production rate should reach 500 tons in 2020. Production of saffron in Iran is in surpassing the world’s needs.

Iran produced 336 tons of saffron in the first place, India ranked second with 22 tons, Greece ranked third with 7.2 tonnes, Afghanistan ranked fourth in the production of 6 tons of saffron, Morocco with production of 2.6 tons in fifth place, Spain with a production of 2.3 tons in the sixth rank, Italy and China by producing one tone in the seventh and eighth rankings and Azerbaijan with the production of 0.23 tons was ranked ninth.

The cultivated area of saffron in Iran is 105,000 and 270 hectares, in India 5,707 hectares and Afghanistan 2,811 hectares. Iran’s cultivation of saffron is generally about 1,350 to 2,200 meters above sea level at the best heights suitable for cultivating saffron.

46% increase in exports of persian saffron this year

Know more about saffron

The “Saffron ” word has more than 3000 years history. Experts say saffron has grown for the first time in Iran, Greece, Turkey and Afghanistan. In the Achaemenid era, the production of saffron in Iran was significant so that at daytime, about one kilogram of saffron was used in the court. The use of saffron at that time as a color in a bouquet of edible products, such as sweets and bread, as well as making cosmetic oils.

This word has different pronunciation in different languages. In the Persian and Turkish languages “Zefrun”, in English “Saffron”, in Spanish, “azafrán”, in Italian “zaferano”, pronounced “zuffron” in Hindi and “safrane” in French.

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