Saffron greenhouse cultivation, a new method or a profit based on lies?4 min read


According to the Mashhad-IRNA newspaper – Advertising on the benefits of greenhouse cultivation of saffron by the method of aeroponics (air conditioning) and the registration of applicants for its implementation in training classes has become popular these days, but experts and technical administrators of this area of ​​health Dismiss such a claim.

Such propaganda and activities were carried out while Khorasan Razavi annually produced 300 tons of saffron in its usual way at 86,000 hectares of farm, in addition to 80 percent of the production of this profitable, export and strategic product in Iran.

Advertising on the benefits of saffron greenhouse cultivation in the aeroponic methodology began last year with the announcement of recruitment education courses in this type of cultivation through social networks. Initially, many enthusiasts began to engage in new and profitable business, and even some got loan to finance the training.

However, the table turned when the time of harvesting saffron and the calculation of its profits and losses came because investors in this area did not achieve the promised financial success, and with complainants, referring to the Khorasan Razavi Jihadi Agriculture Organization, called for follow up.

In greenhouse cultivation saffron does not require soil using aeroponics or air-conditioning, and simply by putting saffron bulbs on wooden floors and humidifying them to the environment, onion flowers are picked.

Accordingly, the claimants of this kind of cultivation can not be said to be a crook, because, according to experts, ‘saffron bulb’ gets floral in conditions with the necessary moisture in the air and next to a regular room, but promises of lies and a statement different from the fact that It is more likely to be false discredit such advertising and training. The technical review of the official experts of the Saffron field showed that the greenhouse cultivation of this product was not approved due to the lack of quality in the produced saffron.

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Quality, Missing from Greenhouse Saffron

The head of the board of directors of the Iranian population of saffron sciences told IRNA that saffron produced and produced in the greenhouse does not have enough effective and expected material from saffron. For this reason, economically and product quality is by no means approved.

Abbas Hemati Kashghi added that the training courses in this field are purely promotional. These training courses bring young people and business seekers to the side who are most affected, and disappointed from false promises.

He continued, “These instructors do not have sufficient knowledge of these courses and they are merely trying to provide surface info on saffron. For this reason, the participants in such courses enter an economic activity that is not associated with the principle of profitability.

The Institute of Nonprofit and Scientific Research of ‘Iranian Population of Saffron Science’ with the official license of the Commission of Scientific Associations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with the aim of advancing scientific knowledge of saffron knowledge, developing the qualifications of specialized forces, improving and cohering knowledge, research and education in the field. Technology of production, processing, quality control, pharmaceuticals and food use of saffron and marketing.


Agricultural Jihad responsible for organizing

The chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian population of saffron sciences also said that Greenhouse cultivation of saffron is doable job, but the profitability and quality of the product in this type of cultivation are contrary to the propaganda.

Hemmati pointed to the research meeting with the presence of saffron science experts from universities and devices in the Iranian population of saffron sciences and said that In this meeting, various aspects of saffron greenhouse cultivation were examined and emphasized on the “unconfirmed” of this cultivation method.

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Statements by a greenhouse cultivator of saffron

One of the entrepreneurship institutes’s Officials in Khorasan Razavi and the organizer of saffron greenhouse cultivation training courses said: “The history of saffron cultivation in Khorasan has reached more than 3,000 years, but the greenhouse cultivation of this product is one of the new ways in which Does not have disadvantages of cultivation land.

Mohammad Mashouf added that the cultivation of saffron on land has problems such as frostbite, pests, problems with rodents for saffron onion and rainfall during flower harvesting, which greatly reduces the quality of the product. High levels of microbial load due to contact with soil are also one of the problems you can’t find in greenhouse cultivation.

The organizer of saffron greenhouse cultivation training courses said that cultivating saffron on land during the fifth and sixth years of cultivation would lead to high profitability and profitability, and in the seventh year, the farmer should also rummage the land. But in greenhouse cultivation, the profitability of the investor can be earned in the first year if high quality onions and high weights are used.

Source IRNA

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