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One of the most popular souvenirs in Iran is saffron, which is known as the most expensive spices in the world, Because it has a very high nutritional value. Many foreign tourists consider Iranian saffron as one of the most important crops in the country and will make their family and friends happy when they return to their country with this unique spice as souvenirs.

Planting saffron in Iran has 3000 year history. This colorful and precious plant grows in the desert and is famous with “Red Gold”. Iran with the average production of 100 tons per year has the first place in the field of saffron production.

Saffron is the most popular Iranian souvenir
Saffron is the most popular Iranian souvenir

Saffron is cultivated in countries like America, Spain, Italy and India, but saffron of Iran has a special quality and this has caused Iranian saffron to be significantly appreciated by people. Because the production of this product in Iran is completely organic, this will preserve the properties and quality of Iranian red gold.

This plant is one of the special attractions of Iran. Saffron is a medicinal and industrial herb. Saffron is one of the few plants that are cultivated in hard biological conditions. For farmers in Khorasan, cultivation of saffron is the main source of income. One of the most fascinating tours for foreign tourists when harvesting saffron flower is the tourists’ companionship with farmers for picking this valuable flower.

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