Saffron Late cafe, A hot and exciting drink!


What is Saffron Latte Cafe?

Latte Cafe is one of the hot drinks that is based on coffee and milk. Usually coffee bars are made from espresso and milk. Cafe Latte means coffee (Cafe) and milk (Latte) in the word and to make this hot drink, combine the espresso with a hot or boiled milk and cover it with milk foam. Cafe Latte is usually served in a cup or tall glass. 

The way to make Saffron Late cafe is similar to the usual Late cafe.The only difference is that in one of the steps, You have to pour Saffron brewed into it.

Ingredients for the preparation of Saffron Late cafe

  • Milk: 2 glasses
  • Nescafe, espresso or coffee: 2 teaspoons
  • Sugar: to the extent necessary
  • Saffron: several branches

You can see the steps of making saffron lathes in the video below.

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