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In saffron research, Saffron has better performance in depression treatment, compared to medications.

Many people in the world struggle with problems like depression and anxiety. Drugs used to treat this type of disease have serious complications.

A group of researchers from countries such as Britain, China and Iran came together and they did research on the saffron plant, Finally, they concluded that saffron could be used as a herbal remedy for the treatment of depression.

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Saffron is not just a spice

Most of the use of saffron is in cooking. This spice is obtained from the plant flowers of saffron. One of the most expensive spices in the world is saffron, which is called red gold. Saffron grows in the Middle East and parts of Europe. Most cultivated in Iran, Greece and India.

Saffron is also widely used in other industries such as pharmaceuticals and perfumes.

Saffron and Weight Loss
Saffron and Weight Loss

Saffron and Weight Loss

According to a study conducted by women overweight women who used 5 grams of saffron, they experienced significant weight loss compared to women who took medications. Saffron also helps to reduce food intake.

Escape from premenstrual syndrome with Saffron
Escape from premenstrual syndrome with Saffron

Escape from premenstrual syndrome with Saffron

Saffron consumption is very effective in women with premenstrual syndrome and can eliminate or reduce their pain. It also helps women to cure depression.

Saffron helps the brain function and keeps the cells of the brain healthy and young. It protects the brain cells against free radicals and has anti-cancer properties. Also, saffron consumption reduces inflammation of the brain and inhibits Parkinson’s disease.

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