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Spain only produces about 1.5 tons of saffron per year. But how can it be possible exports about 90 tons of saffron? A deep look at the huge difference in product production and exports show that Iranian saffron is sold to international buyers with fake brands known as spanish saffron.

One of the most lucrative export products of Spain is saffron. Exporter of this product knows well that it is difficult to prove their fraud in the supply of Iranian saffron called Spanish. On the other hand, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, along with this fraud, declares that all products packaged in this country can be supplied as domestic products to customers.

The annual production of saffron in the world is about 200 tons, of which 170 to 180 tons, In fact, about 91 percent of the world’s total production is being harvested in Iran.

“Antonio Garcia Martin delgado” The chairman of the Saffron Supervision Authority in Spain claims that the product is very different from the production and export of the product with regard to counterfeit labels.

According to Delgado, a large portion of Spanish saffron exports originally comes from Iran and then sold to buyers with new packaging and counterfeit labels as Spanish saffron,especially in US markets Middle Eastern and South American countries.

He added: Spanish exporters buy this product from Iran, and after the new packaging, they sell the product four times the initial price and earn revenue from the intermediation of Iranian saffron exports.

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